Hey y’all! I hope everyone’s been having a good summer so far. My summer has been relaxing, and I haven’t really been up to much since I went to Destin, FL, which I mentioned in my previous post. It’s been pretty hot in Dallas the last few weeks, and I was so glad to leave the city to head down to the lake for the Fourth of July!

Fourth of July is always one of my favorite holidays! I love being able to head down to my lake house on Cedar Creek Lake for the weekend with friends and family.  Dressing for Fourth of July has gotten exceptionally easier since starting college, for my collection of red, white, and blue apparel has grown exponentially during the past year.

On July 4th, Patrick and I headed over to where one of his friends, John, works to watch Kaboom Town. Kaboom Town is Addison’s huge fireworks show every year. It’s supposed to be one of the best in the country!

Watching the Kaboom Town fireworks!

Watching the Kaboom Town fireworks!

For the past few years now, we’ve gone to Donny Nelson’s Freedom Fest over the weekend because his lake house is in our neighborhood. This year, I brought Patrick and a few other friends down to the lake with me!

We had so much fun hanging out by the lake, listening to the band play, and watching fireworks!

Patrick, me, and some other friends at Donny Nelson's Freedom Fest!

Patrick, me, and some other friends at Donny Nelson’s Freedom Fest!

One of my favorite parts about the lake has to be the fact that we can shoot off our own fireworks in our backyard! My neighbors always get competitive about who can create the most impressive fireworks display that year.


After the Fourth, nothing too exciting has happened. I started summer school last week, and I’m already in the process of studying for my second test. Learning Differential Equations in 5 weeks is tough, but it’s worth it because it freed up room in my schedule for me to be able to take a ballroom dancing class this coming semester!



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