Hi everyone!

We’re already on our fifth week of classes for the semester, and it’s hard to believe how fast the time is passing by. I wanted to take a few minutes this week to talk about my favorite class I’m involved with this semester!

My favorite class this semester isn’t actually one I’m taking, it’s one I’m a coach for! It’s Engineering Freshman Academy, which is a class all freshmen engineering majors are required to take. As a coach, I help lead the class, plan out of class activities, help assist will all academy lectures where industry professionals speak to the freshmen, and mentor the students in my class.

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Engineering Freshman Academy is an amazing class because it’s the only engineering class we take where all the different engineering majors are mixed together. It’s a great opportunity to get to know other freshmen in Viterbi outside of your major.

Freshman Academy teaches you about basic engineering principles, resume building and interview skills, research opportunities, engineering ethics, and the engineering Grand Challenges. The class also does a lot of team building activities through both inside of class activities such as building newspaper bridges with limited supplies and out of class activities like beach bonfires or trips around Los Angeles.

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