Hi everyone!

This is a bit of a short blog this weekend because I have two major midterms Monday, and a whole lot of studying ahead of me.

I figured I’d take a few minutes though to talk about my favorite burger places I’ve tried lately around LA.

  1. Umami Burger

Patrick and I went to Umami Burger this weekend for a study break and it was delicious. The Manly Burger and their truffle fries are unbelievable. We went to the one at the Grove, which is one of my favorite places to go around LA.

2.26 Beach Café

My friend, Cory, and I headed out to our other friend’s apartment in Marina Del Ray this weekend to get away from campus and focus on studying for our organic chemistry midterm on Monday. We decided to eat at this awesome burger place called 26 Beach Café. It’s really eclectic, and it is known for its sushi burgers, which are burgers with sushi on top of them. Although I love sushi, I had to try the Napa burger, which had avocado and goat cheese on it. It was delicious!

3.Five Guys

Five guys, while it may not be the most exciting of burgers, is a classic. Their fries are delicious, and I love how close to campus the restaurant is! It’s cheap, easy, and makes for a great burger on game day!


Built is awesome because you can customize your burger. Located right next to Pizza Studio, I love the “build your own” concept that’s gone into both of these restaurants. Built is a little more expensive than Five Guys, but is equally as close to campus!


What’s your favorite burger place in LA?



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