My Freshman Year, I lived in Birnkrant on Floor 5 – (BKV Love!).  I had one roommate, Sarah, and I had about 40 floormates and one RA.  I lived at the very end of the hall in a traditional dorm room with two beds, two desks, two closets, and two dressers.


My roommate, Sarah, and I on our first day!

Birnkrant was an amazing housing experience – everyone in the building was very close and united.  Not only was I extremely close with the people who lived on my floor, but I was also good friends with at least 3 people who lived on every floor!  This happened because we had events for floors and events for the entire building that everyone was encouraged to attend.  Some of the events they offered included a jazz night in Hollywood, a dinner at a Thai restaurant in Hollywood, movie nights, trips to the Pantages to see various shows, and trips to Disneyland!

Another perk of living in Birnkrant were the Faculty Master Dinners that are held every week! These were meals in a private room that everyone in the building could attend.  Oftentimes there were prizes to give away, and every time there were guest speakers.  It was a great way to meet other people in the building and get a free meal!

Making the adjustment to dorm life was actually really easy for me.  Everyone on my floor was immediately very close, so it was as if I had left my family at home to find a new USC BK5 family.  I loved the independence I had in the dorms, and the community Birnkrant created.

Birnkrant was an incredible housing experience.  I made friendships that have lasted into this year, and will continue to last for the rest of my college experience.  My floor still has reunions and spends time together this year.  I couldn’t have asked for a better Freshman Dorm Experience.


BK5 at a meal at Parkside!

Samantha Kaplan-2015

Samantha Kaplan-2015

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