The big day has finally arrived…and so has the big package!  After weeks of waiting, my car has finally shipped all the way from Orlando!

Before I left for school, I arranged it with my parents to have my Mazda 3 sent out on one of those trucks that carries multiple cars across large distances.  Initially I was a little apprehensive about having my baby sent out on a vehicle like that – I was worried it would be dented or scratched – but I decided it was worth it to have my car out here.  About a week ago, I got a message from my mom with the following photo: 

Naturally, I was extremely excited because this photo meant my car was on the way (it’s the black one on the right)!!  About 5 days after I received the text message, my car arrived here in LA.  The driver brought it right in front of my sorority house (he totally stopped traffic on the row), and then I was free to take it around campus and eventually bring it back to my parking spot at the house.

Although having a car is not necessary at USC since there are so many amazing things that happen on campus and because we have programs like Campus Cruiser, affordable bus transportation, and Zip Cars, I am really excited to have my own because it gives me even more flexibility to explore Los Angeles on my own schedule.  For example, this weekend I’m taking it to Hollywood to go see “The Master”, a film I’ve been looking forward to seeing all summer, on the big screen.  Also, tonight is my roommate’s birthday, so we’re going Downtown to get dessert!

There are so many different parts of LA I am looking forward to experiencing.  My freshman year, I was able to travel to various attractions in Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Anaheim.  This year, I plan to take excursions to different beaches, restaurants, museums, shopping areas, production studios, and various other attractions I have not yet seen.  Culture has a strong presence in Los Angeles, which was a large reason of why I was attracted to the city and to USC.  Using my car, I want to be able to experience all of the amazing things LA has to offer and really take advantage of the opportunities I have as a student here.


Samantha Kaplan-2015

Samantha Kaplan-2015

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2015, Learn more on her profile here!