It’s that day of the week again.  That day where I’m so busy, I can’t even worry about the fact that I’m so busy.  For me, that day is Tuesday, and as busy as it is, it is also one of my favorite days of the week.

A typical Tuesday for me means waking up at 7AM, getting ready, and walking over to campus from my Sorority house on 28th street for my 8AM Materials Science Lecture.  I am not usually a fan of 8AM lectures (getting up in the mornings is a very difficult task for me that typically requires at least three alarms), so thankfully my professor makes the subject really interesting (it also doesn’t hurt that he brings in candy when students answer questions in class).

After Materials Science I walk back to 28th street (typically, I see some fellow VSAs on the walk back), where I eat breakfast and either nap or do homework before my next class.  Around 10:45, I head back over to campus for my Holocaust in Literature and Film class.  This is a Category 5 Arts and Letters class, and it has been my favorite General Education course thus far.  Not only do we get to watch films during class and make field trips to the Shoah Foundation Institute and various Holocaust libraries on campus, but the professor also organizes the class so that it is heavily based on discussion and student participation.  I feel like I am benefitting a lot from taking the class, as I am both learning the material and growing comfortable participating in a classroom setting.

Immediately after my Holocaust class, I head over to my Statics lecture at 12:30PM.  This is a core class for my AME curriculum, and so far I am really enjoying it!  Solving Statics problems is fun for me because it requires visualization of the problem in question, and I consider myself a very visual person.  My professor is also extremely knowledgeable about the subject, and he throws in jokes every once in a while that make the class fly by.

After Statics, I head over to my Philosophy lecture, Knowledge, Reality, and the Cosmos at 2PM.  This is another General Education course, fulfilling the Category 4 requirement.  My favorite part of this class so far has been an examination of how to make and evaluate logical arguments.  To me, this is reminiscent of the kind of problem-solving skills required in Engineering.  Aside from the logical arguments, the textbook for this class is actually really interesting (I absolutely never thought I would say that), and I enjoy doing the required reading for the class.

I have a two hour break between my Philosophy class and my Physics lab at 5PM.  I typically use this break to grab food with friends, do some homework, or a combination of the two.  I then head over to my Physics lab.  It’s exhausting to have lab at the end of a long day, but because it’s a hands-on experience it goes by quickly and keeps me engaged.

I try to plan my Tuesday evenings after Physics lab so that I have time to relax, but I balance that time with getting work done for class.  Tonight, I plan to go out to dinner with friends, then come back to campus and do homework at Leavey.  Last Tuesday, I went to the campus center for food, then worked on homework, then went to Ground Zero Performance Café to see the Second Nature Improv troupe perform.  The Tuesday before that, I had a Freshman Engagement Fellow meeting at Hillel.  The Tuesday before that, I went to a sneak preview screening of Frankenweenie on campus, studied for my Philosophy exam, and then went to bed.  The point is, there is always something to keep me occupied on Tuesday nights and help make it the busiest day of the week.  Turns out, the “Tuesday Terror” is not so “terrible” after all!

Samantha Kaplan-2015

Samantha Kaplan-2015

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