This summer, I am very lucky to be returning to Walt Disney World for a second summer! Last year, I worked in the Environmental Engineering Department, doing data collection and analysis regarding the ways to make Disney’s Parks and Resorts more energy efficient.  This year, I will be working in the Mechanical Engineering Department.  Since I am a Mechanical Engineering major, I am excited to gain experience in a field more related in my studies


Through my internship, I will be working in Architecture and Facilities Engineering, so my work will mostly be focused on maintaining the technology in the Parks and Resorts.  This means I will be analyzing designs, creating designs, and also performing field work to check on existing facilities.  I am really looking forward to the opportunity to apply what I am learning in my classes to real-world engineering.


Outside of my internship, I am also going to be preparing for the Fall Semester and traveling.  I will be reading information that my research professor provided for me to prepare myself for the research position I will have in the fall.  I will also be doing design work for the SC Racing team.  My brother is going to be interning in New York City, so I will be spending a couple of weekends with him there.  I am also going to be visiting a friend from USC in Salt Lake City.

I am never excited to leave USC, but I am really glad that I have a lot of exciting things planned for the summer.  I cannot wait to start my internship, and to have time to see my family and friends at home in Florida.  I think it’s going to be a great summer!

Samantha Kaplan-2015

Samantha Kaplan-2015

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2015, Learn more on her profile here!

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  • Best decision I ever made in school was turning down a more “professional” internship to intern at Disney. It was my last summer before graduation so I wanted to try something outside the box, rather than just a boring office job where I’d be wasting time. Did not regret a minute of it – best place on earth, enjoy it 🙂