Since my parents couldn’t come to town for Parent’s Weekend, they decided to come into town this coming weekend and my grandparents are coming, too!  I haven’t seen my family since I got here in August, so it’s going to be great to see them.  We have some really fun things planned so far – I’m excited to show them around campus and around Los Angeles!

When they arrive on Thursday, I’m going to pick them up from the airport and then I’m driving them directly to the Pantages Theatre to go see The Book of Mormon!  I absolutely love seeing shows on Broadway, and I haven’t heard one negative thing about this show.  A lot of my friends here at USC got free tickets for the show for a Visions and Voices event.  While I was incredibly jealous that they got to see the show weeks ago (and for free), I’m really glad I get to go!

On Friday, I’m going to take them to brunch at Jack’s and Joe.  Although they’ve come to visit me before, they’ve never been to breakfast or brunch there.  I figured it was about time to introduce them to the amazing pancakes, waffles, and omelets at one of my favorite restaurants near campus!

After our brunch, I have studying to do.  The week after their visit, I have my Materials Science midterm, as well as my Statics midterm.  Thankfully, my mom and dad understand that I’m here to learn and do well in school, so they’re okay with me taking some time out of my day to study.  My mom has already promised to bring baked goods to help get me through it!  On Friday night, my family is going out to dinner to celebrate my mom’s birthday!  I’m not sure where we’re going yet, but I’m sure it will be somewhere delicious!

Saturday, of course, we are reserving the entire day for the Oregon game.  I have been looking forward to this game all season, and I can’t believe it’s finally here.  I’m excited to show my parents and grandparents what it’s like to be a Trojan on game day.  They’ve never seen the amazing tailgates and the overwhelming school spirit that take over campus!  Plus, I’m excited for them to see what the Coliseum is like.  Although I always sit in the student section, I’ve heard that seeing the student section from other sections is awesome – we all move in unison and we are a sea of cardinal and gold.

Sunday, after the excitement of the game has passed and after USC demolishes Oregon, we’re going to Disney!  I have been dying to visit the new Cars Land at the California Adventure park since I heard about it all summer while I was interning at Disney World.  I am thrilled that I finally get to go, and my parents are excited to see it too!  While we’re there, I’m sure we’ll also head over to the Disneyland park and check out some classics (my personal favorite is The Matterhorn) too!

After I drop them off on the airport on Sunday, I’ll have to get back to studying for my midterms.  Thankfully, I have a couple of nights to study before they arrive and a couple more after they leave.  Having them visit will be a nice excuse to take a study break and have some fun!

Samantha Kaplan-2015

Samantha Kaplan-2015

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