This Thanksgiving, I went to Kansas City to visit family.  After missing the UCLA game last year (where we beat UCLA 50-0), I vowed to never miss another Thanksgiving game.  Because of that, I flew back to LA from Kansas City on Saturday morning.  One of my roommates picked me up at the airport to bring me and another one of my roommates to the game.

Before the game, we went to The Counter downtown for lunch.  The Counter is one of my favorite restaurants in LA – it’s a burger bar with some of the best Veggie Burgers I have ever had.  Plus, they have awesome fries and even better milkshakes. It’s super close to campus (about a 5 minute drive), so it’s the perfect place to grab lunch or dinner!

After we went to The Counter, we headed to campus to tailgate.  First, we went to our sorority tailgate, and then after a little while we went to a tailgate that a friend from Birnkrant was hosting with his family.  It was fun to be reunited with the people from our building.  We all walked over to the game together and took our seats in the student section.

I absolutely love sitting in the student section at football games.  Everyone is super excited to be there and they get really into watching the game.  This game was particularly exciting since Notre Dame was ranked No. 1.  The odds were not in our favor, but we didn’t give up and ended up playing a great game!  While I was disappointed that we lost, I was still really excited about how we played, and very impressed by the new quarterback, Max Wittek!  I think next season is going to be awesome!


Samantha Kaplan-2015

Samantha Kaplan-2015

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2015, Learn more on her profile here!

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