Well, it’s only mid-September and I’m already having an amazing time this semester.  All of the things I was looking forward to over the summer are happening already, and they’re definitely meeting my high expectations.

 One of the main things I was looking forward to was Football Season.  After experiencing the Hawaii game in the student section it certainly did not disappoint.  Before the game, I explored the tailgates that were set up all over campus, jumping from tent to tent and socializing with fellow Trojans.  As the Spirit of Troy Marching band led the way, I followed them to the Coliseum, where I joined the excited student section for the first game of the season.  The best part of it all, of course, was when we won (but who was surprised?).  It was so fun to be back in the coliseum cheering on the amazing team with my fellow students, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the games this season!

I was also really excited about living in my sorority house, and so far, it’s been amazing!  I live with 5 other girls (one of whom is a Mechanical Engineer), and we get along really well.  I was nervous about the amount of people living in the room, but I’ve found it fun because there are always people to talk to, study with, and goof around with.  Another great thing about living in the house is the fact that all of the girls take academics really seriously.  We have quiet hours every night, which makes it possible for me to balance my academics and the social aspect of living with so many of my friends.

I can tell classes this semester are going to be challenging; however, I look forward to the challenge because I am enjoying the subject matter.  I am currently enrolled in Physics 152, Statics, Materials Science, The Holocaust in Literature and Film, and Knowledge, Reality and the Cosmos.  I am also sitting in on a film class, which is an analysis of style of Alfred Hitchcock films.  The classes all seem to have a really manageable work load, I just have to manage my time wisely. Also, one of the best things about my classes is that there are people I know in each of them.  One of the perks of Engineering is that you end up getting really close to the people in your Major because you have classes with them throughout the week.

There are still many things I’m looking forward to during the semester.  There are tons of football games left this season, I get to work on a student film set starting next weekend, my car is being shipped to LA at the end of the month, and I get to start my research again in a couple of weeks!  Beyond that, I’ll be able to meet tons of new people and further develop the friendships I already have.  This year is proving to be everything I had hoped for, and I know that as it continues it will only exceed my expectations.


Samantha Kaplan-2015

Samantha Kaplan-2015

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2015, Learn more on her profile here!