I cannot believe it’s already halfway through July.  The summer is moving so fast, which is sad because it means my time at Disney is almost done but good because it means I’ll be at SC soon!

Since my last update, I’ve gotten to do a lot of really exciting things.  At work, I’ve been able to go on a couple of late night walks at the Magic Kingdom, starting at 2AM.  It’s incredible to be in the parks before guests arrive – definitely an experience that only Cast Members get.  The walks I went on required coordination between quite a few different engineering groups on property, which was cool because I got to meet engineers of various disciplines.  The late night walks are my favorite part of working at Disney, not only because of the new perspective, but also because they are typically paired with an exciting project.  I get to work on a variety of projects, doing things related to HVAC, fire protection, lighting, and even, occasionally, show design.  It’s great real-world experience, and it will be extremely helpful with the classes I take next semester!

I’ve also been working on things related to school next year.  Brenton and I have been starting to plan VKey for next year!  I’m really excited to work on it and make a helpful and innovative interface for admitted students next year to enjoy.  I’ve also been working on planning a retreat for Hillel that will occur prior to Welcome Week.  All of these things are making me really excited to start the new year!

A couple of weeks ago, a friend from USC came to visit me.  We had a blast!  I took him to Disney, Kennedy Space Center (which was awesome for an Enginerd like me), and showed him around my hometown.


Last weekend, I went to Kansas City to visit my family.  It was a short trip – only Friday night to Sunday afternoon – but it was really nice to see my grandparents and spend some time with them.  Plus, Kansas City has AMAZING food, so I was well fed all weekend of course.


This weekend, I’m going to Salt Lake City to visit a friend from SC.  I cannot wait.  We’re going to a concert, a theme park, and sightseeing around the city.  That will be the last traveling I do this summer before returning to LA in the fall!

Summer is great.  Interning is great.  Even so, I am counting down the days until I’m back at USC.

Samantha Kaplan-2015

Samantha Kaplan-2015

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