Making the decision about where you want to go to college is hard.  There are so many options – big schools, small schools, West Coast schools, East Coast schools, Universities, Tech schools… So how will you decide?  Some of you may have seen my tweets about Viterbi LINKS, but do you know what that means?

Viterbi LINKS is an online resource for admitted students, released in April of 2014.  LINKS includes content made by current Viterbi students for students like you.  The goal of LINKS is to help you make an informed decision about college.  We provide an insight into student life at USC, specifically at Viterbi.

LINKS will include information about current Viterbi students – their background stories, activities they’re involved in on campus, their favorite places to go in LA, and even music they like.  In addition to learning about students, LINKS will provide information related to academics, including overviews of the different majors Viterbi offers, as well as classes, research, and faculty perspectives.  The topic of Engineering + will also be explored, providing admitted students with the opportunity to understand the USC experience outside of the classroom.  An FAQ section will also be included where Viterbi students will respond to common questions from prospective students.  Additionally, because LINKS is sent to admitted students, there will be information about enrollment and programs for admitted students!

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Patrick answering questions about student life at Viterbi!

LINKS will be an exciting combination of video content, written content, and visual content to help admitted students gain an understanding of student life here at USC.  It will feature opportunities for admitted students to communicate with Viterbi students – to ask questions, to make comments, and to form relationships.

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Natalie answering questions about Civil Engineering!

More information regarding LINKS will be released throughout the year. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter (@KaplanSamantha) for additional updates, and keep checking out Viterbi Voices for more information about the students here at Viterbi!

Samantha Kaplan-2015

Samantha Kaplan-2015

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2015, Learn more on her profile here!