I just saw Zombieland over the weekend with some friends and I must admit that I didn’t expect much from the movie. We’ve all seen movies like Dawn of the Dead, played video games like Dead Rising, and been through haunted houses. Usually it’s the same thing – zombies, death/destruction/fear, and nothing more.

With Zombieland, however, something is different. What starts off as another typical zombie movie turns into a thrill ride with an actual moral message. As the main character and his comrades travel around the country killing zombies and sharing plenty an awkward moment, they develop bonds of friendship and companionship.

In fact, when it comes down to it (and yes, I am doing my best right now not to spoil the ending for readers), these main characters become a sort of family together. It is amazing how the transformation comes about in the movie and even more amazing to apply the concept to real life. This movie really made me think about what its like to share a bond with someone else and what it means to your life and theirs. It also even made me miss my family (arguably the movie even influenced me to call them on Sunday to say hi and stay current).

If you haven’t seen the movie, please go see it and see for yourself. You’ll laugh, maybe be scared a bit, and, in the end, will likely be as thoroughly wow’ed as I still am now.

Besides Zombieland, I of course went to the USC v OSU game and clenched the edge of my seat as USC hung on for the win. I haven’t had a midterm in over two weeks (which has left me plenty of relaxation time and time to catch up on work) :). Of course things will start up back again next week, but until then I’ll keep enjoying myself. This weekend is Halloween – should be exciting. I hope you all enjoy and dress up as something totally awesome.

Happy (early) Halloween