So this week I’ll be doing something a bit different and telling you not about my week itself or what I’ve been doing but instead about why I chose to attend THE University of Southern California.

My college search started by narrowing down my options by deciding which colleges worked for me and which didn’t – by this I mean which colleges had good EE departments and which didn’t (because I knew I wanted to be an Electrical Engineer). My search led me around the internet, asking advice from my parents, reading reviews, checking websites… you probably know the drill by now. I took some of the colleges I found as interesting and headed out with my dad to take some campus visits.

So, I started by visiting the following: UC Berkley, Florida, University of Miami, University of Virginia, Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland, Northwestern, University of Illinois, Texas, Texas A & M (that’s right, USC was NOT on this list). I did most of these on the same trip and was able to spend some quality time with my Dad. Since I did take pictures, I have attached some for your enjoyment below. Anyway, needless to say, I was quite underwhelmed by most of the Universities above. My list quickly shrunk to (and this is order of most desired): Illinois, TAMU, Miami, Maryland.

After the initial surge of visits, I was still dissatisfied. I never felt as if I had chosen where I wanted to go. My uncle, a USC alum, had been begging me to check the school out for years and I also wanted to see UCLA, so I visited them both. At this point, I had been to so many schools. When I stepped foot on USC campus – ironically attending a Meet USC instead of hosting them as I do now – I felt at home and like this was the place I wanted to be. I also wamted to go to college with one of my best high school friends and he agreed he felt what I did – USC was the place to be.

So, I sent out all my applications. I applied to: UC Berkley, LA, Davis, and SD; USC; Illinois; TAMU; UMD; Miami; …I think that’s all. Anyway, I got into every school I applied to except Berkley. However, there was only one application I really cared about at this point – and that was from USC. When that day came and the packet was in the mail, the stress of everything was gone and I knew exactly where I was headed for the next 4 years. I attended an Explore USC, went to Orientation, and was on my way.

In the end, I guess you could say USC was all-around my best option: good EE, great city, great weather, and a sports school (not sure I could’ve gone anyway without D1 sports; I love them). In addition, the student body here really seemed like they felt part of something “special” – and I wanted to be part of it too. Now that I’m here that “special” trait is what I would call the Trojan spirit – the love for USC and all it has to offer.

So yeah. That’s about it. When you visit colleges or look up info or whatever, try and keep an open mind and think about what you really love and what you really want. I’m sure the right college will turn up for you, whether it be USC or elsewhere.

Until next time