Well I haven’t blogged must in the past weeks. Besides “Why I Chose USC” I haven’t said anything in 3 weeks! Anyway… A lot’s been going on recently. Since its around the 10th week of the semester, I had a bunch of studying to do for midterms – it all went well and I think the midterms scores should turn out to be pretty good.

In addition, during my girlfriend’s spring break she decided to come and visit! In addition, some high school friends that go to UC Davis decided to come and visit my roommate and I to check out how life is at USC. It was all very good and fun seeing everyone. 🙂 We hung out, toured ‘SC, and even went to the beach… which I’ve posted some pictures of below.

Other than that, I’ve been busy lately working Explore and Preview USC’s helping prospective students get a feel for what it’s like here at Viterbi and more generally USC! Its all been very fun and I look forward to seeing next year’s freshman class – from the conversations I’ve had it should be an awesome class. 🙂

Anyway, the NBA Playoffs and NHL Playoffs are starting soon, the NFL Draft is next week.. its an exciting time for sports which means its an exciting time in life for me! Gotta love my sports.

Right now I’m going to work with my marketing project group on our project due next week. We have to market a new product to an “inestment board” (aka our peers). Should be fun!