Since I haven’t done this already, I think I need to dedicate a post to video games. Why you might ask? Because they are definitely a major part of my life. They consume my free time, prevent me from studying (or as you might call it a “study break”), help relieve my stress from doing work as an engineer, and all-around provide me with a great sense of enjoyment.

I must admit I am a console gamer and don’t do much on the PC, although I am trying to expand my horizons. I’ve been gaming since the days of Sonic the Hedgehog back on Sega Genesis all the way up until now. I currently own an Xbox 360 and a PS3 Slim, with the PS3 being the most newly acquired. Like I said, I’m trying to expand my horizons.

The following are my favorite games currently or just games I think are definitely worth mentioning…

* Halo 3 (360) – You should all know this one. Great game with others, great game by yourself, and always a classic. I’ve been playing this the most lately.

* Madden 10 (360) – If you like sports games, you play Madden. Like Halo is the king of FPS, Madden is the king of sports games. I even play in tournaments for Madden because I enjoy it so much (and I’m decent at it).

* COD MW2 (360) – Just came out and it has great reviews. It’s actually sitting in my mailbox, but I have a test Thursday and don’t want to tempt myself so I’ll pick it up at a later date. I will be playing this online for the next few months undoubtedly.

* MGS4 (PS3) – I read many reviews, and this ended up being the first game I bought for PS3. I finally started playing last week, and I am beyond impressed. This game is amazing – the storyline, the graphics, the twists.. all of it. You must go play.

* Borderlands (PC) – Just got this game for PC from a friend, and boy am I impressed. I hadn’t heard of it and didn’t know what to expect, but this game is definitely a keeper. Try it out for yourself and you’ll see what I mean. It’s interesting and there’s plenty of places to go and explore.

Some other fun games (some of which are classics):

* Gears of War (360)

* Uncharted (PS3)

* Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis)

* Super Smash (GC/Wii)

Of course there’s plenty of others, but I’m not going to list anymore. Go try some games out for yourself!

If you ever want to play, you can add me – Gamertag and PSN ID: seam0suprem0 (those are zeros).

I look forward to seeing you online.