This week we all as Viterbi Student Ambassadors (VSAs) are writing a themed blog about our social lives outside of the engineering classroom here at USC. As such, I will try my best to provide a scope and context of all the things I am involved in here at USC, whether they be clubs or organizations to just simply hanging out with my friends. So, without further adieu…

Freshman Academy Coach: This year, I am an Academy Coach for Viterbi courses (link here). As I mentioned in a previous post, we work with Freshman Engineering students to get them acclimated to the world of engineering and what life is like here at Viterbi. Its a very fun and rewarding experience for all involved and I enjoy seeing my students every week.

IEEE Social Chair: This year I am social chair for IEEE @ USC (link here). We plan and hold many events throughout the semester. We just recently held a beach bonfire and this week we’re holding an info session with Northrop Grumman. I’m excited for the fun and events in the year ahead.

HKN Treasurer: I am also Eta Kappa Nu, or HKNs, treasurer this year (link here). There’s not too much here besides applying for funding but I love the rest of the E-Board and we always have fun working and hanging out together.

Pledging TKE: This semester I also decided to pledge Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, a decision made after 2 years already at college (link here). Pledging has kept me busy so far but the whole situation is rewarding and I’m enjoying myself. 🙂

Restaurant Hunting: I enjoy the yelp search for a random restaurant. I love the dining options LA has to offer and am known to make trips with friends solely to try new food. My favorite restaurant remains STK, a swanky steakhouse near Hollywood (link here).

Spontaneous Trips: Also I am known for spontaneous trips to places like the beach or LA Live or even just to Target. Since I have a car I enjoy being able to just cruise around LA and check out everything it has to offer. I actually just went to Santa Monica yesterday and had a great time!

Video Games: I love to play video games so they’re definitely part of my social circle. I enjoy Madden, NBA 2K, and also Halo. Other mini games and obsessions occur but those are my staples.

Hanging Out: In addition, I also hang out with friends all the time. Whenever I have free time between the social activities, obligations, and homework I hang out with friends whenever I can. I love to take it easy and relax with some friends and do nothing aimlessly.

So that’s about it for me. 🙂 Hopefully you get a good glimpse of my social life. Message me if you want to know more. Also, I should be updating this post later to include some references to my other VSAs and their activities! Be sure to check out their posts for a more comprehensive look at social life and engineering here at USC.

Until I get time to blog again between all my busy-ness