So I ended up doing a large amount of sitting around and not really accomplishing much this weekend. It was actually pretty nice, albeit somewhat disappointing – I bought Seasons 1-5 of Entourage of DVD and didn’t get them until Monday sadly. Oh well, I can watch next weekend! 🙂

On Thursday I (of course) attended EA Sports Game Night and managed to win the Need for Speed: Shift tournament and another free game! I’ve been playing it this weekend and although not like other NFS games, I’d recommend it still because it is different and yet still highly addictive.

Friday night some friends and I went to Wing Shack on Venice Blvd. This place is literally a shack on the side of the road that makes hot wings. However, do not underestimate it! If you ever have some free time in LA, go! It is quite possibly one of the best places I’ve ever eaten at and I cannot wait to go back again (and I say the same thing every time). I still haven’t been to Korean BBQ this year; I think that will have to change soon!

Saturday I managed to wake up at the (*cough* ridiculously early) time of 7:00am and worked at the Viterbi Career Conference! A preparatory event for this Thursday’s Career Fair (which is always a blast), the Career Conference was enjoyable and seemed to be a success. It provides students with workshops of their choosing which will help them (in the long run) get a real job. In addition, employees (and generally alumni) come from large companies so the event is great for networking! Some fellow VSAs and I ate lunch with an employee from Microsoft which was awesome!

It was odd not having a football game this Saturday for USC. We have a tough 3-game stretch coming up but if we can get through it.. Now that would be sweet.

As for right now, I have a huge midterm tomorrow (because the class only has one midterm this semester). Wish me luck! Off to study at the library until

Wait, one more thing. Have to mention because it really makes me mad. Check this out: (you may have already seen this on ESPN). they filmed with stinking FLORIDA’s head coach on OUR CAMPUS. What a disgrace. Put Pete on there Gameday!

I’m also in the latest Webisode! Check it out here:

Alright, enough ranting and not enough studying..

Carpe Diem