I have just realized that today marks the 13th week of the semester. That means there are merely 3 weeks left until finals in December! It’s been a busy and fun-filled semester, and it’s gone by so fast! With everything coming to a close it means its time to prepare hardxcore for finals and the end of the semester. Studying will be a main focus of mine over the coming weeks.

In addition, Thanksgiving Break begins soon! I will be heading home next Tuesday (so like 8 days from now) to go home for the weekend and spend it with my family. I’m excited to have some time of for some R&R before heading back to school before the start of finals!

The semester ends essentially a┬ácalendar┬ámonth from now (mid-December) so there’s much to do school-wise and fun-wise until then! It’s been hectic lately thinking so much about the past (beginning of the semester) to now to the future. I’ve been busy planning out my classes for next semester which is always fun but stressful. I also still have to apply to the Progressive Degree Program before the semester ends!

I’ve been on a bit of a music binge lately too trying out some new genres. Going to HARD has given me a new love for Electronica music, and I’ve been busy as ever listening to some Wiz Khalifa.

In addition to all the school stuff coming up, look out for more Webisodes and another Live Chat! We’re getting ready to tell you more than ever about Viterbi as the application process closes and you all begin to make your college decisions! I wish everyone a happy holidays coming up (which I’m sure I’ll say again, but, hey…)

Midterm study time now. Time to get focused…