Considering that the majority of all I’ve done in the past week is schoolwork and go to the Weekender, this post will be dedicated to the Weekender for the reader’s pleasure.

Some friends and I left early Friday morning to make the trip up to NorCal for this past weekend’s USC v. Cal game in Berkeley. Since I live up north, it was not only a trip for me but also a return home to see my family and friends. I slept most of the drive up (because I luckily wasn’t driving) and got home around 3pm on Friday.

That night I went to see my younger brother’s football game against De La Salle. For those of you who don’t know, De La Salle has been a high school football powerhouse in Northern California for the past two decades (for proof of their greatness, the past two weeks before my brother’s team played them they were on ESPN2).  My alma mater Amador Valley High School gave them a game, but ended up losing 32-21. After the game I saw some friends from home and even played some N64 because my Xbox 360 was still down here at USC.

On Saturday it was time for game day. Since I wasn’t able to sit in the USC student section (because the lottery sucked), I went with my family. My mom bought the tickets as a surprise for my dad’s birthday so we had great seats right behind the USC bench! I have posted some of the pictures (which are awesome and show how close we are) from the game below. The 30-3 thrashing was amazing! FIGHT ON!

After a great time at the game, the Weekender basically came to a close. I woke up Sunday, worked out, had some lunch, and then got back on the road to USC. Overall the trip was a great success and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a great break from doing homework (since I did none during my time away from USC) and just as great seeing old family and friends. I look forward to being able to going again next year. 🙂

Other than that, I took 2 midterms last week; this week I take another; and next week two more. Back to hitting the books!