So this post is late and definitely past due. On the weekend of October 8-10th, I made the annual trip up North to what we USC students dub “The Weekender”. Essentially everyone heads to see USC play Cal or Stanford at their stadiums. This year the game was at Stanford. The trip started with a ride up in a 15 person van which was hectic but so much fun. Below I’ve attached a picture of us all at In-N-Out and a picture of myself and a friend on the bus (he’s sleeping, obviously). Our outfits are explained by the fact the van’s theme was “nerdy” in honor of our Standford counterparts 😀 My fellow VSA Andrew was also on this van and we hung out during the trip — check out his post about the Weekender here

I arrived in San Francisco Friday night and stayed at the Wyndham Parc 55. That night I went out with some friends and saw some of SF. The next day we took CalTran (train system up north) to the game. Oh, and if you’re curious how I know so much, I am from northern California so some of the stuff mentioned in this story is more near and dear to home than some of the places at USC itself. We ate at Pizza My Heart in Palo Alto then headed to campus and tailgated before the game. The game itself was an absolute heartbreaker, as USC had Stanford on the ropes and managed to lose for the second week in a row on a last second field goal.

After the game I headed back into SF for dinner then took the last BART (essentially the Bay Area metro) train out of the city home. I got to see my family and sleep in my own bed, which was marvelous 🙂 I can’t wait to go home again for Thanksgiving Break! I was picked up the next morning by fellow VSA Claire (see her blog here) and headed back to USC. It was a definitely long weekend, but full of fun and good times.

Of course, there was plenty of work to be done when I got back to USC but it was worth it. If you come to USC and have a chance to go to the Weekender, GO! It’s an amazing time.

And, with that, back to the never-ending amount of work I have…