Oh man.

It is finally here: Spring semester of Senior year. Although I will be returning to USC next year to pursue a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management (MSEMT), it’s crazy that I have almost finished my 4 years of college. Looking back it has been a hell of a time — from meeting new people to going on adventures to succeeding academically to learning so much about myself, USC has been everything I ever imagined. I could never even come close to expressing what USC (and specifically Viterbi) means to me and how they have shaped me these past 4 years.

Anyway, the point of this post is not for me to look back but rather to look forward. It has been an amazing run and thus now is not the time to let up. This semester I will be taking by far the most diverse schedule I have had in all 4 of my years at USC. Most of this is due to the different interests I have acquired throughout my 4 years of education at USC — marketing, entrepreneurship, and technology.

This semester I will be taking:

  • EE 447: This is my Senior design class. Our task this semester is to create an electronics product that we can (hopefully) apply for a patent for. This is a great way to see real-world Electrical Engineering innovation in action and learn about how making products work in the real world.
  • MASC 110: Materials Science is a variation of chemistry that I must take in order to graduate. Although I am being forced to take this class, it should be cool to see some chemistry in action and meet new people.
  • ISE 544: This class is about learning how to properly manage engineering teams. This applies directly to my pursuit of my Master’s degree. The members of the class hail from over 10 different countries and thus it makes the class very multi-cultural and similar to real-world engineering teams.
  • ITP 499: The high-tech start-up: Where does it come from? How does it start? This class is all about how tech companies have come to be and how to do it yourself. Our goal this semester is to create a start-up idea and propose a business plan for a start-up by the end of the semester.

Other than those classes, I will be assuming my regular duties with my student orgs for the final semester. It will be sad to leave most of what I am involved in but it has been a great run the past few years. (As a side note you can read up more on the classes I am taking here)

I will, undoubtedly, go on plenty of adventures this semester and continue to enjoy USC and Los Angeles — this semester is supposed to be fun as it is my last and many of my friends will head onward into their careers next semester. Hopefully I can cross the last few things off of my USC bucket list and continue to enjoy what I believe is the best University that California (and the US for that matter) has to offer.