It’s finally here – I’m on Spring Break! 🙂

So far its been a great break. After ending class last Thursday (no Friday classes, aka awesome) I headed to Providence, RI to visit my girlfriend. Once there, although the weather stunk, we managed to have a great time between going to see Alice in Wonderland (in 3D, no less), going out to dinners, and just hanging out. I enjoyed my time there thoroughly. 🙂

Today I flew back across the country and just arrived home from the airport. It was a long day and some long flights, but I managed. I watched the Big Lebowski (for the first time ever) and Goal 3 on my flights heading back west. Being home safe and sound back in the Bay Area is great.

Now that I’m home I’ll be going to the San Jose regional for March Madness’ first and second rounds. I’ll get to see Murray St v Vandy & Butler v UTEP and the winner of those on Saturday as well as Marquette v Washington & New Mexico v Montana and the winner of those on Saturday too.

Other than that, I’ll just be hanging out. One of my friends from ‘SC might come visit me this weekend, in which case we’ll hopefully do some fun stuff and have a great time.

Not having any homework or really anything to do is pretty awesome. I guess technically I need to plan my flights for studying abroad in Paris this summer (:)) and do my taxes with my parents, but that’s all nothing compared to the stuff I always have to do back at ‘SC.

I’ll let you know about the rest of my break next week and snap some pictures at the game to put up here. If you’re on Spring Break, I hope you’re enjoying too; and if not, relax, your SB will be soon!

Enjoying SB,


PS. Check out the pack of gum I made before my trip below. I crammed 5 different kinds into the one package! 😀

Gotta pack gum for the flights

Gotta pack gum for the flights