Most Spring Breaks before college–and even up to this point during college–consisted of a trip home to hang out with family or a trip with the family to hang out with them at another location. I can tell you now that this was no ordinary Spring Break in comparison to those of the previous 21 years of my life. After my 21st birthday at the end of February, my best friend and I decided we needed to take a fun, yet relaxing trip somewhere to enjoy the time off from school. Being in LA, we naturally opted for Cabo San Lucas, a popular vacation spot in Mexico, especially for college students from the Pacific and Texas.

As such, for this Spring Break we took a trip down to Cabo San Lucas (in Mexico) for 6 nights and 5 days. We went into the trip with few plans and little expectations considering our late booking and early arrival (we left on Thursday, effectively making our Spring Break 2 days longer!). However, what we found was that from the moment we stepped foot into Cabo we had the time of our lives. My best example would be the people we met on our cab ride to the hotel, whom would later become our friends that we would hang out with that week.

All in all, we spent a lot of time in the sun (in only bathing suits, no shirts and no shoes will still get you service in Mexico) and hanging out downtown at night enjoying the nightlife. We saw plenty of people we knew along the way at the popular spots of the Mango Deck during the day and El Squid Roe at night. We had a happy and lovely stay at the Villa del Palmar, where we met other college students staying there (including our taxi friends and Viterbi’s very own Claire.

By the end of the trip, with the number of new friends met piling up and number of old friends seen ballooning, we had officially had the best Spring Break of our lives. So many stories, so many memories, and so many interesting people along the way made Cabo Spring Break 2011 an epic adventure.

To top all of this off, after Cabo I still got to go back to LA for a few days before school starts (which it does tomorrow… ugh). Once back, since campus was relatively empty due to people leaving for Spring Break, I was able to catch up on sleep before attending Beyond Wonderland yesterday. It was awesome to finally see Kaskade in person, but for me personally Porter Robinson (a younger, up-and-coming) and Jakwob (some serious dubstep) stole the show as their performances really energized the crowd and showed off their skills.

In the end, between Cabo, LA, Beyond Wonderland, and the break from school I wished Spring Break never had to end. It was truly one of the best 2 week periods of my life and I won’t be forgetting it anytime soon.

Enjoy the few pictures I managed to scrap together below…