The last week has been so awesome up to about.. right now. I’m still awake doing hw and trying to knock out some assignments from the large list I have. It’s probably my fault for bad time management (by opting to go have fun at things like baseball games instead of doing hw) but who can blame me? College is supposed to be fun! And, looking at the bright side, even though the hw is piling up I enjoy my classes so I can try to enjoy the hw too! Here’s my week in a nutshell…

On Thursday I went to EA Sports Game Night. Put on by EA, the event features a Madden ’10 Tournament and free prize giveaways! Last Thursday I went and managed to make the championship game and was sadly defeated. However, I took a consolation prize by winning NCAA Football ’10 in a raffle! The sponsor says the event will be held weekly, so I will be there again next week (and the week after and the week after and…). I posted a picture of me playing below.

On Friday a friend of mine that goes to Pomona College and I went to see the San Francisco Giants play the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. Naturally, since were both from northern California, we were Giants fans. Although not warmly received by Dodger fans, we thoroughly enjoyed the game and getting to hang out (not to mention enjoyed the Giants thrashing the Dodgers 8-4). All in all it was a very fun time and I even attached another picture from the experience!

I must mention here (because I am an avid fan of all sports and love USC football) that Saturday was a quite depressing day. Hopefully the Men of Troy will be able to bounce back and take the Pac-10 and maybe get a spot in the ‘ship. If they somehow make it, I will have to get some tickets to the game (because the Rose Bowl AND the BCS National Championship Game are both nearby in Pasadena this year!). My final word on the topic: Barkley >> Corp.   (in case you didn’t know, >> signifies one thing is much much greater than the other)

Sunday was awesome as all of us VSAs went to Hermosa Beach for some beach volleyball and swimming in the ocean. It was another great time for me in a week of fun.

In the end, classes are going well despite the large workload (19 units of all engineering-related courses) and I know I will be able to dominate my classes in the long run if I put in the effort. So, I will close on note that because my effort direly needs some work.

Take it easy,