So this makes it official right here — school is back and in full swing. This semester has been hectic to say the least so far. Between classes, extracurriculars, and just generally trying to find time for fun and sleep I’ve been slammed. A quick look at my involvement could explain why this is happening, but no need to go into details. Although things have been stressful and there’s been moments I care to forget, I’ve been having an awesome time. It’s great to be back at school with everybody from USC and nice to be back in classes.

This semester is a little different for me academic-wise. This summer I was accepted into the Marshall School of Business as a marketing minor. To that end, I am taking some serious marketing coursework this semester. My course schedule looks like: EE338 aka Semiconductor Physics; EE348 aka Non-Linear Circuits; MKT425 aka Internet Marketing; & MKT450 aka Consumer Behavior. Only four courses, which is new to me – I’ve been taking 19 units a semester since the Fall od my Freshman year. Like I mentioned earlier though I’m very busy with extracurriculars so the lighter course load is a major plus.

Other than school, I’ve managed to do a few cool things since being back at USC. I’ve helped to coordinate the IEEE @ USC Beach Bonfire (I’m Social Events Chair), which can be seen further here. Also, pictures from the bonfire can also be found here! Another cool thing this semester is that I’ve taken up a position as a Freshman Academy Coach 🙂 For those of you who don’t know, we coaches mentor Freshman engineering students in an engineering-related academy course your first semester here. The course is pass/fail and designed to help you all succeed at Viterbi. More info can be found here.

I have, of course, been up to much more than is mentioned in this post, but for now it’s very late and I need to keep studying for my EE338 midterm (which starts in t-minus 3.5 hours! Ahhhh!). Next week I hope to give a better overview of everything I’m involved in and will definitely be including some serious picture action!

As always, until next time…