So I’m back at USC now from the holiday break. Overall it turned out to be a pretty cool holiday break. I took it easy the first week or so leading up to Christmas, hanging out mostly with family, catching up on sleep, and seeing some old friends. It was great to see my grandparents and uncle and celebrate together with some holiday cheer.

After Christmas though things got a bit hectic, as evidenced by my tweet today:!/ryanseams/status/26042917822922752

I haven’t been in the same place for more than 4 days since before Christmas — it’s been fun constantly moving and seeing new things, but I need to settle down and get ready for the semester soon. Which, speaking of second semester aka Spring 2011, get ready for posts by myself and other VSAs about what we’re going to be up to this Spring entitled “My Spring Semester Map”. Should give you a good glimpse of what we Viterbi students are up to during the course of an entire college semester!

Besides all that (as I type this using my Droid X as a mobile hotspot on my way to Reno) its been one hell of a break and I can’t wait for second semester to pick up (I’ve already had a week of classes!). Things should be challenging and fun, and I look forward to the experience.

Until next week


PS. Since I’m on a mobile hotspot my connection is slow and I can’t upload pictures — I’ll try to add some pictures of my experiences over break later on.