It’s crazy to sit here and think that we are somehow already a month into the school year! Homework and midterms are finally starting to pick up and I have settled into a routine for another semester here at USC. Already this semester though I have had so much fun beyond just school. Considering it’s my Senior year I find having fun totally acceptable.

Just a few of the things I have already done…

  • Saw Deadmau5 live at the Hollywood Paladium
  • Visited my brother in his new Santa Monica apartment
  • Went to Chula Vista, CA for Identity Festival
  • Attended three (soon to be four) home USC football games
  • Been to over 5 new restaurants in and around the LA area
  • Parents have visited to say hi to my brother and me
  • Attended my Fraternity’s registered party
  • Gone to my Fraternity invite and Claire’s Sorority Invite
  • Countless other things…

As you can see, school not even factored in I have been very busy but when it comes down to it, I have been busy having fun! It all comes down to the age old mantra “work hard, play hard”(er) which I am following seemingly perfectly through the first five weeks of classes.

In addition to all the fun, I have been going to classes and working hard outside of class. Having 3 part times jobs and being the President of student organizations is a ton of work but I manage (by using good time management strategies as outlined in my previous post!). I love my jobs and orgs so although the work is tough, I love what I do and wouldn’t change anything from what it is now. I like to be busy and busy I am!

Anyway, I am off to finish up some homework before the weekend starts–my parents are coming to visit again for the game so it should be fun! Talk to you next week…