So I guess the title says it all. I’m not so sure what to write this week, and my mind has been racing everywhere lately. I guess I’ll try to paint a picture of what I’ve been doing and maybe that will give some insight to you, the reader, on myself.

So over the weekend I really didn’t do all too much. I ended up playing far too many video games, especially NBA 2k and Madden with my friend Steve. We both got skills and are competitors, so the matchups are always good and some crazy stuff usually goes down.

I ended up watching the Super Bowl on Sunday while trying to do my Digital Circuits lab. In the end I tossed the lab aside and watched the game. I’m glad I did because it actually ended up being pretty good. Glad to see the Saints and New Orleans get a championship. Katrina or not, the Saints are still a pretty cool ┬ástory (considering they had only 2 playoff wins before this season, the franchise needed a Drew Brees).

On Monday I had to take a much-dreaded trip to the DMV to renew my license. Thankfully the DMV Office is a block away from USC campus so I didn;t have to go very far, but it was still a hassle. I’m not too much a fan of having to go through almost the same process (minus the driving test part) as I did when I was 16. Oh well though – now it’s finished.

This upcoming weekend will be exciting for me as I am headed to Providence, RI to visit my girlfriend, Shannon. Supposedly she’s made a bunch of various plans and we will be celebrating V-Day somehow, but as for now it’s still all a surprise to me. I’m sure it’ll all turn out well though and things will be fun.

Midterms come up soon after I get back, so I shall soon be getting in tip-top academic shape. Almost all of them are the same week (2 weeks from this one), so I will have to post about my trip and then impending doom next week.

Until then