My inspiration to write this blog is what’s on my mind. I don’t have any specific topics to write about today (as I haven’t done much in the past week), but at least I’m finally out of midterm season. I have this whole week to catch up on school work. Anyway, without further distractions, I ramble onward below…

* Food: I currently have 0 groceries in my fridge. I have eaten Subway 6 times in the past 96 hours (subway isn’t bad, but I mean after a while…). A grocery trip to Superior/Costco in the very near future is definitely in order.

* Laundry: Every weekend I tell myself I’ll get it done – and yet every Monday it seems like I don’t have my laundry done. Gotta get on that.

* PS3 – Just got a PS3 slim and can’t stop playing it. I absolutely love xbox 360 so I know I’m kindof a traitor here, but I am enjoying the PS3 as well.

* The number seven: Two things in particular here; Windows 7 and USC’s BCS ranking. First, the official release of windows 7 is this week. I hope you all pre-ordered. It is an awesome OS and I can’t say enough good about it. As for the BCS ranking, I am speechless. I am appalled the computers have us 11th. I almost want to write this blog on paper and submit it just so I’m not using a dang computer. Ugh. Disgusting. I’m sure things will turn around but for now its frustrating.

* Transportation: I got a new longboard after my old one got run over. I’m glad I am no longer walking campus every day. Its awesome.

* MATLAB: I have MATLAB assignments due in 3 of 5 classes this week. It’s starting to become my new best friend. I feel more and more powerful by the day 😀

Not sure what else to write. Maybe I’ll add more later if I get the urge. This weekend is OSU and parents’ weekend so I’m sure I’ll have more stories come next week. Have a good weekend and fight on!