This post is hereafter dedicated towards a great video game (that comes out tomorrow) known as NBA 2K12. For those of you who don’t know, here’s a good analogy — NBA 2K12 : NBA :: Madden : NFL. You can also check out more on 2k here.

The different "Legends" covers for this year's 2K installment.

This year comes a fresh installment to an awesome series. I love playing NBA games as 1) they are shorter than Madden; 2) they are more fast-paced than Madden; and 3) they are more social than Madden. 2K12 is basically my friends and my game of choice to play. My friend Steve and I are quite competitive at 2k and have a bit of a long-standing rivalry going… It makes for some epic moments!

Anyway the reason I write this post today specifically is because 2K12 comes out tomorrow and I pre-ordered on Amazon (which is one of the most important resources of a successful college student). As such, I will be getting 2K12 tomorrow due to same-day delivery for free! I am sure the next few weeks of my life will be dedicated to getting to know the new game in and out. It sounds somewhat silly to type that but I just love to play 2K and relax with my friends.

Other than being excited for 2K, I am also excited for something else coming up: a Blink-182 concert this weekend and then the weekend after is The Weekender! I will probably have blog posts up about this information soon so stay posted for future posts!

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