So this past weekend I headed off to Providence, RI to again visit my girlfriend at Brown University. Considering I don’t have class Friday and Monday was a holiday, I was able to leave SoCal (and its sunny weather) to head to Providence (and its absolutely cold weather) Thursday night and stayed all the way up until last night. It was great to get away from USC for awhile, even it was to some colder weather. While I was there, we managed to go out to a nice dinner in advance for my birthday (which is at the end of the month) as well as many other things: the movies (yes, Valentine’s Day), Johnny Rocket’s (for some great burgers, fries, and onion rings), and just hanging out. Of course, I also managed to get all my hw done I needed to while I was there.

The flights to and from Providence (total travel time ~8-10hrs each way) were made better by my eReader nook. It’s a sweet eReader made by Barnes and Noble which can be viewed at If you’re into reading or want an eReader, I would highly recommend it. The nook works excellent, has a great price, and is all-around a wonderful device.

As for what I read (in addition to my Linear Circuits textbook), I managed to read “The Average American Male”, a novel by USC grad Chad Kultgen. I personally loved the book but I must warn if you are not into guy humor (which includes sexual humor, awkward situations, and all-around hilarity), then its probably not for you. But if you enjoy those things, I would highly recommend the book. If you’ve ever read “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” by Tucker Max, they are similar in many ways.

Beyond my trip (which, as I said, was amazing), I haven’t done much this week. I keep trying to put it out of my mind how many midterms I have coming up (aka all 5 of them in a 1 week period.. YIKES :o). I’ll be studying for those exclusively now that I’m back from my trip and don’t have much else coming up on my plate. Otherwise I’ll just be hanging out as usual, watching SportsCenter and playing Xbox 😀