Last weekend I attended my fraternity’s formal (I am a member of the Beta Sigma chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon, or TKE, here at USC) held in Las Vegas, known as Red Carnation Ball, or RCB. RCB is a time to celebrate the events that took place over the course of the school year, hang out with your brothers, and in general have a good time.

My date was fellow Student Ambassador Claire. We stayed at the MGM Grand with a bunch of other members of my fraternity and their dates. We arrived Friday and, after a long 5 hour plus bus ride, were tired and didn’t do much that night. Some people went out but many stayed in to prepare for the formal event of RCB on Saturday night.

During the day on Saturday we went to the pool and lazy river at the MGM. It was fun to relax out in the great Vegas weather and enjoy the use of the lazy river (considering I hadn’t been in one in a long, long time). Laying out by the pool was awesome!

After a quick nap and getting ready, it was time for RCB. For now, I do not have any pictures of the event (considering we just got back yesterday and everyone is tired), but when people post them of Facebook later I will be sure to get a few up here to give a glimpse of what RCB was like. After taking a bus to the venue and having a scrumptious dinner, we watched the TKE RCB video, cataloging our exploits from a year and saying goodbye to our senior class.

At the conclusion of the video was a dance and then a goodbye as we headed home. After returning to the MGM, we went to Planet Hollywood and played a bit of craps, where I managed to win $70 in about an hour. I’ve only played craps twice but it is quite a game and I have yet to lose… Probably not good words to live by, but still I enjoy the thrill of gambling.

All in all, it was a very action-packed and fun weekend. It was great to get away from LA with some friends and explore a bit of Las Vegas. For now, I’m back to the grind as I have two midterms this week and more events coming up in the near future, especially as finals approach. Happy April!