Until today I had no idea this was possible. After downloading the WordPress app onto my cell phone, I didn’t know what to expect. I can tell you now that my cell phone is officially 100% a smartphone as I can now write and post to my blog straight from the palm of my hand!

Spring Break is officially over, which means school (and subsequently responsibilities) are back in full swing. It’s been tough so far waking up early again and having stuff to do, but it’s nice to feel like I’m accomplishing something after getting the nice relaxation of Spring Break and the combined good weather of Cabo and LA.

It seems crazy to think the end of the semester is already drawing near–the second round of midterms for most classes is nearly upon us here. Then again, it also seemed crazy 10 years ago that I would be writing my thoughts in what’s called a “blog” onto the internet using merely my cell phone. It just goes to show you that anything really is possible… That, and the power of engineers and technology. That pursuit of the unobtainable object that utilizes electronics is what drew me to EE as a major in the first place.

I’m sorry it hasn’t been too long since my last blog so there’s not much to talk about except for school and how cool it is im typing this on my Droid X – which, by the way, I think is without a doubt the best cell phone on the market. Feel free to ask me any questions about it here in the comments or on my Twitter page (http://www.twitter.com/ryanseams) as I always love to spread the knowledge and power that Android holds.

For now that’s about all I have for you. I look forward to a week of fresh homework assignments as well as filling out applications to be involved in student organizations next year…