Well… the end is here. I took my last final this morning and ended at 1pm. So… this means all day today I have been finishing up my packing and saying goodbye to all my USC friends that I won’t see this summer. Its been one heckuva year and I can’t wait to come back next Fall for another year. It will also be nice to be living in Gateway, great new housing near USC! (http://www.livegw.com/)

I guess since I won’t be blogging again officially until next fall (I may post a few times during the summer when I have free time), I should let you all know my summer plans. This summer I will be headed with the Viterbi School to Paris, France to study abroad for 7 weeks. I’ll be taking WRIT340 and ISE460, both of which are major requirements. Although I know ZERO French whatsoever, I am so excited to be in Europe this summer! I’ve been a few times (I was actually born in the Netherlands) to Europe but I have never stayed there and lived for any significant amount of time since I was a wee little baby. This summer should be an awesome experience – seeing new things, meeting new people, and having tons of fun – and I can’t wait to head off to Paris.

In the time I’m not in Paris, I’ll just be at my house taking it easy after the semester has ended. It’ll be good to have some R&R time before Paris for fun and before fall semester to just refocus and prepare (because next fall is going to be a difficult semester for me 🙁 ). I’ll get to see some old high school friends and visit a lot with family when I’m at home in NorCal, which will all be very nice to do. 🙂

Other than that, I don’t have much to say. I can say that I am a San Jose Sharks fan and will be going to some playoff games when I get home. [EDIT: I went to Game 1 and have posted a few pics of the game below! Enjoy!] Hopefully the NBA Playoffs end in epic fashion and continue to be enjoyable. This is a great time of year for sports!

Okay, well… I have a lot of packing to still do tonight and a lot of friends to still see and say goodbye to. So, with that, I’m off. I hope you all have great summers and if I don’t update here this summer I will definitely speak to you all next Fall. Until then…