In lieu of a typical blog post I do – summarizing really my week and highlighting main events – I’m going to try something different. As a quick aside, last weekend was Parents’ Weekend and, despite the loss to Washington, I had a great time. I got to see my family and my brother. I’ve added a picture below of myself, him, and some friends that all hung out over the weekend. I ate great meals every night – Friday at Ketchup (, Saturday at the NEW El Cholo at LA Live (, and Sunday at my fav restaurant in the world, STK ( Gotta love parents footing dinner bills 🙂

But anyway back to my original point, a different type of blog post. Today I want to talk briefly about my favorite place on campus. This would be the one and the only RTH (Ronald Tutor Hall) Engineering Cafe. Located in the heart of the Viterbi School of Engineering and in the same building as most Viterbi services, RTH is a common meeting place for engineering students. It also has what I consider to be great food and excellent service.

Some may say I live at RTH, and I can’t really beg to differ. The employees of the cafe know exactly what I get each time I go there and its not uncommon for my drink to be ready before I get to the front of the line. Besides sheer food, RTH is awesome with its large tables for group meetings or just to sit and study. And, since its Viterbi’s main eatery, you see plenty of friends and fellow engineering students the longer you sit there! 🙂

I don’t have a picture for now, but will try to take one this week and add it later on. Gotta appreciate your sanctuary on campus. I just put on my headphones and do work or chillax with the friends. RTH is great on any occasion…

And that’s about it from me for now. It’s a busy week as the Weekender (yearly trip to the Stanford or Cal away game — this year Stanford) is this weekend and I need to finish up many things before I head up. I’ll be summarizing my trip (which should be crazy) next week in my blog. Anticipate a great tale…


James, Andrew, Myself, Bro Cam, and BFF4L Kevin