So, as you all know, LA is quite a large city — so many places, so many people, and so many things to do. So, picking the one place in the city that I like the best is definitely a pretty difficult task for me. I’ll try and shy away from things that are close to USC (considering I like the area so much and want to go a bit outside the box). I’ll give you a few places I really like to go to…

+LA Live: LA Live is a great place to take a new friend not acquainted with LA. With constant events, shopping, food, music, and the movies, there’s something for everyone to do. Its always busy and lively (especially on weekend nights) and is a great place to check out the feel of LA and the crowd of LA.

+Venice Beach: Venice Beach is a good place to go on a sunny day for a relaxing and fun time. The beach is great and the people are a sight to see. Definitely one of the most odd and interesting places in LA.

+Hollywood: Hollywood is another great tourist attraction. With so many places to go and things to do, going to Hollywood is always a good time. Whether it be to the Hollywood sign, the walk of stars, or even just going to In  N Out, Hollywood too has something for everyone. The restaurants are awesome, as my favorite restaurant in LA, STK, is located there.

Of courses there’s plenty of more places than these. Feel free to comment or message if you want to know more! — or, even better yet, check out blogs by my fellows Ambassadors about their favorite places!

Off to study some and be a student…