So my brother visited over the long holiday weekend (as I mentioned last week) and it was a very fun and successful trip. We managed to go to see the Cavaliers v Clippers at Staples Center Saturday night (I managed to add a picture below). It was very fun and we rooted for the Cavs (I’m pretty sure no one likes the Clippers, but our team is the Warriors anyway). Other than that we did a lot of hanging out and local sightseeing, taking him and his buddy around campus and to places around USC where my friends and I typically eat. It was very fun and sad to see him go, but he hopes to go here too ina few years so we’ll see what happens.

Other than the trip, it was a relatively relaxing weekend. There still isn’t much hw to do yet, but its started. My friend and I had to some probability hw last night… Luckily it was relatively easy and we managed to play some of the new Super Mario Bros on Wii after we quickly finished.

I’m also happy about the weekend because my Vikings managed to win! I’m hoping they can beat the Saints next weekend and make it to the Super Bowl but I guess we’ll see. It will definitely be a good game regardless and those are always exciting to see.

My plans for the upcoming week are to not do much and eventually start hw and start getting into the swing of things at school. I’ll of course be watching the NFL Playoffs next week and playing more video games…


The Game

The Game