Well, it’s official: My European Summer Vacation is over. I am incredibly sad – this was, by far, the best summer of my life. I saw so many new places, met and got to know so many new people, and all-around had fun almost 24/7 for the entire time I was gone. Going back to regular old life in the states just won’t compare. This summer is in a different stratosphere for me.

The trip started May 30th with me flying to Paris to meet up with the rest of the engineers on the trip. I arrived the 31st knowing zero French and being very confused – this was soon to change. After arriving, checking in at Accent (the place where we all took classes), and settling in at our accommodations (CITADINES!!!) we went for our first lunch. And with that, the trip began. Minor details asides, the trip contained many many many fun times (and many more). The final destination list of my trip includes:

Paris, FR

Versailles, FR

Loire Valley, FR

Amsterdam, NL

Rouen, FR

Giverny, FR

Sant Michel, FR

Dinan, FR

Normandy, FR

St. Malo, FR

Barcelona, ES

Pamplona, ES

Vitoria, ES

And then, with my mom, I traveled Italia after the Viterbi Paris Summer Trip. This included a 3-night stay (in nice hotels to boot 🙂 ) in each of the following locations.

Venezia, IT

Firenze, IT

Roma, IT

Rather than tell endless stories, I have instead uploaded Picasa albums for you all to check out and see what the trip was all about. These albums can be accessed at:


Anyway, WRIT-340 requires work after the trip so I’m off to finish off my Group Project! If you have any questions or anything at all to ask about the trip, feel free to leave a comment or message me. If you ever get a chance to study abroad, DO IT – it’s the experience of a lifetime. 🙂

Bye for now… I’ll be back come the end of August with a Back-To-School blog update!