So instead of staying in LA for Halloween and going to class on Friday/Monday, I headed out to Providence, RI to visit my girlfriend, Shannon, who goes to school at  Brown University there. The travel time was about 10 hours total, which isn’t too bad considering I went from coast to coast. I managed to watch “The Proposal” and “Up” from DirecTV in my seat on my flight over which was exciting.

Once in Providence (which I also visited last year while we were both freshman), I met up with Shannon. She soon had to leave for classes so I caught up on some much needed sleep from my redeye flight.

On Friday we went to Al Forno, an Italian restaurant (obviously by the name) down by the river that goes through the city. It was very enjoyable and relaxing. Afterwards we went and saw Law Abiding Citizen. You’ll notice that we watch of movies together as a trend.. I’m not sure why this is, but we do. I ended up sleeping 14 hours Friday night 🙂

Saturday (aka Halloween) was a day of missed opportunity. We missed out on tickets to a party. Then Shannon felt sick, took a nap, and we missed out on Waterfire, a show on the river. Hell, USC even missed out on the opportunity to win another Pac-10 Title as they got demolished by Oregon. In the end we settled on renting movies and watching them after going to Johnny Rockets and meeting up with Shannon’s friends for a bit. We ended up watching You, Me, and Dupree. It was a good movie and all-in-all a good Halloween even though I didn’t do much.

On Sunday Shannon and I worked on homework together and watched “Chocolat” with Johnny Depp. And that was pretty much the conclusion of the trip, although I left early Monday afternoon. I just did a bunch of homework until then and all throughout the plane ride back.

So how was my vacation? It was great–relaxing and getting away from USC for awhile is awesome, whether it be to RI or to a concert or to get groceries. Its a good way to destress from all the work and exams. Speaking of which, I had one today and have another Thursday. On that note (and I realize this post is discombobulated and incomplete), I’m going to go study. Enjoy your week kiddos.


PS: It’s my little brother’s 17th birthday tomorrow (Nov 4th), so here’s a birthday shout out – HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROSKI!