So this week after midterms and such was pretty slow and lazy… And thus I managed to play many video games.

I just finished Mass Effect 2 in just under 3 days of time, with about 30 hours played. Yes, that means I indeed on average played 10 hours a day on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and put in the final 45min needed to finish the game a few minutes ago.

Mass Effect 2, if you don’t know, is a futuristic game where you travel the galaxy trying to protect humanity from a machine threat lurking in  the dark spaces of the galaxy. You need to recruit a team to fight these machines, and each person has special powers and can only use certain weapons.

All in all, the game is ridiculous. Its leaps and bounds better than the first, as the missions are tougher and the storyline is deeper. I forgot to mention earlier that the game is interactive, meaning you have the choice during conversations to decide key elements of the gameplay as well as just answer questions in a way you deem fit. You alone have the choice to do what you need to do to save humanity and, ultimately, the galaxy.

If you never played the first game, you’ll want to do it first to understand the storyline. Trust me, it will be worth it. Mass Effect 2 is one of the best games I’ve ever played (maybe the graphics on my new TV – 46″ Samsung LED – enhanced the experience :D). I’m already awaiting the release of Mass Effect 3! 🙂

Anyway, I have a few homework assignments to finish up before spring break so I’m gonna go do those. I’ll update you with my Spring Break status (YES, IT IS INDEED COMING) next week, when I’m relaxing and not focusing on school…