…But not really. It hasn’t been much of a week for me yet (considering its only Monday and most my class was randomly — and luckily — cancelled), but last week was hectic.

It’s very early on in the semester and I already seem to be bogged down with loads of work whether this be helping out with VSAs, fulfilling my roles with IEEE and HKN, or just plain doing homework. It seems I find myself at Ronald Tutor Hall (RTH) doing stuff until the wee hours of the morning almost daily.

It’s all worth it in the end though. I’ve had some great times on the weekends whether it be hanging out at my fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE), heading downtown to get food, or just relaxing in my apartment with my roommates.

It looks like I’m in for a long semester — hard at work on both my major (EE) and minor (Marketing) — so hopefully I can keep up with all my responsibilities.

I wish I had more cool stuff to say, but as of now there’s not much from me. As a side comment, one of my co-workers worked hard on this webisode below about favorite classes at USC. Check it out for some cool insight into the classes offered here at Viterbi at USC.

Also, check out the @viterbistudent Twitter account for updates about what’s going on with the Viterbi student body!