If you know anything about me, you know that I love technology. This also means I have high turnover in my devices. I think since I got my first cell phone — which, yes, was a “brick” that was only in the color blue and had maybe 2 games on it — I have had well over 20 phones.

As such, it is only natural I finally get the iPhone 4S. My first smartphone experience was with the Blackberry Curve, which was a great foray into the smartphone world. After the Curve and a great Blackberry experience, I decided to purchase the Blackberry Tour. Although a great phone with an awesome keyboard, the phone was lacking in technology and ended up being good, but not great.

Next up was the emergence of Android and the subsequent purchase of my first Droid, the Motorola Droid X. I absolutely fell in love with Android and all the customization it offers. As many who know me used to say, the phone never left my hands. However, over time, the phone began to run slowly and eventually became a chore to actually use. Slow menus hampered my experience… and thus it was time to try out my first iPhone.

To sum up the iPhone 4S in one word: Easy. Everything is simple and just works — I have yet to have to reset my phone (something I did with my Android and Blackberry phones religiously and more than daily) — as the user experience is the one and only thing designers had in mind. iPhone conforms to its user, instead of Android where the user conforms to the phone (at least in my opinion).

Getting the iPhone was a tough decision (I still remain a skeptic and a PC/Android-fanboy) but I think it has, at the very least, opened my mind to all the different ways you can program a phone OS to meet the user’s expectations. Using different devices is the only way to understand them so I will continue to try them out!!! The knowledge I get from using the different devices will be invaluable as I attempt to pursue a career in the consumer electronics industry.