Instagram is a pretty cool application for the iPhone. In fact, it recently won iPhone app of the year for 2011. Basically you take a picture (or choose one you have already taken) and apply some quick, on-the-go picture editing to it to look cool. This includes adding blur and filters over the image with the ability to modify certain parts of the image in particular.

Once you modify your image you can share it with your friends by posting it. Then the multitude of Facebook-esque and Twitter-esque features take over. You can tag your friends, like a photo, reshare a photo, place comments, and more.

In the end Instagram is a cool way to share the artsy side of your brain and share interesting tidbits of your life with your friends. I use it when I take a particularly awesome picture to make it look even better and then share it with my friends as a representation of my life/lifestyle.

To make this blog more interesting I have included some of the pictures I have taken before below! Enjoy 🙂

If you are not on Instagram already and you have an iPhone, you should join up! It’s a cool way to provide an artsy look on your life and lifestyle, not to mention you and your friends will be sure to share some interesting pictures!