This blog post is part of a series written by the Viterbi Student Ambassadors on why we love Los Angeles. For more posts on this topic, check out Viterbi Voices.

This post isn’t hard for me. Not in the slightest. Why you might ask? Because I really do love Los Angeles… When I arrived at USC I must admit I was a skeptic–big city, bright lights, millions of people… all things that seemed like I would get lost.

And then I was found. Los Angeles is currently my favorite city in the entire world. The weather is generally awesome (which makes it possible to do fun things like the beach :)), the people are from all over the world and from all different backgrounds, and it has so much to offer.

FOOD: LA food options trump all. I have been to: The Pantry, Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, Ketchup, STK, Chano’s, Korean BBQ, and so many more LA traditions. Check out my Yelp account for some of my user reviews of the places I’ve been to eat and hang out.

PLACES: One of the best things about LA as you can go from the Hollywood Hills to Santa Monica beach in 30min. There is a wide variety of different scenery and scenes available for everyone and anyone to check out. Some of my favorites (besides those listed above) include LA Live, Venice Beach, Malibu, and Westwood (yes, the area around UCLA is cool even if the school is not :P)

EVENTS: There is always something going on in LA. Whether it be a concert, 5k run, or even just a small event being put on by a USC club, there is always something to do if you are looking for the opportunity. From clubs to parks, events are held all over the place! Some of the highlights as far as my event-seeing goes include a Lakers game at Staples Center, the X-Games at the Coliseum, and of course USC Football games.

Hopefully that gives you enough quick insight into Los Angeles and the love I have for it. USC fits perfectly within the city and is centrally located–which makes it nice getting around to see and do different things. I would not trade my LA experience for anything. It turns out I like the big city and the bright lights 🙂

Til next time