So I forgot to blog this week so far… here’s my attempt to make up for it! This weekend I am heading back to my house in Northern California. Why you might ask (considering it’s still decently early on in the semester)? Well,…

First off my mom had surgery yesterday on her heart — nothing super serious, but surgery nonetheless. She will be very happy for me to be home and spend time with her.

Second I’m not sure there will be another chance for me to head home until Spring Break — I’ve got plenty of class and events coming up (such as VITERBI BALL!). It will be good to come home and see my family instead of not coming home and never getting to see them.

Lastly I want some time off from being at USC to be at home. I can sleep in my own bed, use my own bathroom, and have some quiet time to really sit down and study. It will be nice to have some alone time and maybe see some old friends that might happen to be back in town.

Other than that, my life has been great. Lots of hanging out with friends — I’ve scheduled my time this semester so that I can do homework on weeknights and spend time with friends on weekends. Oh, and I edited this Webisode and posted it! It’s about the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenges for Engineering Summit (NAEGC 2010)! Check out how cool the summit was!!!

Besides that, I’m going back to watching the Lakers vs. Knicks at MSG on ESPN. I’ll be at the Thunder vs. Warriors game on Sunday night at Oracle Arena in Oakland before heading back down to LA… Maybe you’ll see me on ESPN 😉