My senior year is finally here. Wow. It seems like college has just flown by whenever I think about it–maybe it’s because I’m consistently so busy with everything here at Viterbi, maybe I have too much fun, maybe I don’t think long enough… I don’t really know. Regardless, I do know that the experience has been amazing and I look forward to making the most of the rest of it. College only comes once, a mindset I have tried to keep constant throughout my time at USC and more specifically within the Viterbi School of Engineering.

Anyway, those were just some quick opening thoughts… Without further adieu, my hardest and favorite class are explained below:

This semester my hardest class will be EE 477, entitled “VLSI Design”. For those of you who don’t know, VLSI stands for Very Large-Scale Integration, which is based the process of making an IC, or integrated chip. These are the building blocks that are used in any and every modern day electronic device. As such, considering I know almost nothing about design to begin with, I am starting from scratch and having to design integrated systems. So far the labs for the class, although hard and challenging, are very rewarding as I find myself having fun doing them. Circuit design is a great skill to have and makes you marketable as an employee coming out of college. I expect to put many hours into this course but I hope what I learn can someday be applied in my future career as an employee and possibly as an entreprenuer…

Which brings me to my favorite class, “Management of Small Business”, a course offered through the Marshall School of Business. This course combines many different business concepts and applies them to you managing a business. To top it all off, the Professor for the course is absolutely amazing. The class is run like a business — cell phones and laptops away, no talking, no showing up late, etc. but in return the HW assignments and class activities are also business related. Through the activities we learn how to actually manage a business and become aware of all the minute aspects and problems that arise when doing so. If I ever successfully create my own company this will be why.

Despite some classes being difficult, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time taking classes through Viterbi over the years. I have made some amazing strides in my education but (not to sound cliche–this is 100% truth) more importantly I have made friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

That’s about it from me right now–gotta get back to some HW! I promise not to be too reflective and sappy on my posts in the future but the fact that this really is my Senior year dawned on me as I wrote this.