On Saturday, as both an early Christmas gift to myself (because it’s expensive) and to go and enjoy myself with some friends, I headed to HARD Haunted Halloween (see some of what it’s about online here). I’m not a huge fan of Electronica and had never been to a rave so I really didn’t know what to expect… and, after going, I must say it is quite crazy!

To begin, the scene is ridiculous – everyone is wearing crazy Halloween costumes — all colors, sizes, covering, lighting… you name it, I’m sure someone there was dressed in the costume. We went outside where there was a stage that had speakers and bass extending at least 50ft in the air. This sound system had some considerable power, so the music was always bumping! 🙂 I can only imagine how HARD it would have been to sleep at Gateway Apartments (next to campus; here), where I live. One of my fellow VSAs seemed to suggest it was hard to sleep because of HARD (such a pun, I know) on her Twitter here.

Beyond just the scene, the music was downright amazing. I never really appreciated electronica until after my experience at HARD. I’m already downloading songs and listening to the music nonstop! I also managed to see and meet up with fellow VSA Jeff while I was there and take a picture… which I would post, but, unfortunately, its on a camera he has so he has to post it first!

In summary, the rave was nuts and I think I will definitely try another one out someday. The music is awesome, the crowd is insane, and the experience is one you won’t forget.

Now, on to studying for my midterm tomorrow morning…


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  • Evan Snyder says:

    hahaha yeah it was hard to sleep at Gateway…and I had early Marathon team practice the next morning, and if you want to get me riled up, interfere with my sleep, especially before Sunday long runs. =) I’m glad you had fun though! (and our back to back Tweets on the Viterbi feed cursing and praising HARD we’re pretty funny, I must say)