So although my life has continued to move along and the semester continues to become harder and harder, one thing has stayed on my mind: football. Whether it be talk of the Super Bowl this weekend, National Signing Day tomorrow, the draft in April… Or even just playing Madden. Its been a very football-filled early February (I guess that is kindof a tongue twister).

I’d say most of all National Signing Day tomorrow is intriguing me. I’m very interested to see how Lane Kiffin can do as far as bringing in top talent and holding top talent that Pete had already recruited. UPDATE: Wow. CLK really came through clutch on this one. Kept almost every PC recruit and then managed to snag players like Henderson, Ambles, and Stanley from out of state? Not sure how he did it, but I’m impressed. The years ahead only look bright for USC. Whether you love him or hate him, you gotta give CLK some credit.

As for the Super Bowl this weekend, I’ll be rooting for the Saints. Although they beat my Vikings, I just can’t stand Peyton. I hope he loses just so he won’t be remembered as one of the best ever. Don’t get me wrong – he’s GREAT – but I personally am just not a fan (this probably stems from the fact I really don’t like hate Eli).

Beyond football, I just received one of my Christmas gifts this week finally – the Barnes & Noble nook, an e-reader. You can check it out here: …My first impressions of the nook have been excellent, as it seems to be very cool. I’ve already added a few books I had on my computer, including school textbooks. I’m excited to really get into it and join the digital age of reading.

Anywhoo I still have some hw to do that’s due Thursday so I’m going to get on that. Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday everyone!