One of my favorites things about every weekend in the Fall is the existence of football Sundays. I absolutely love watching football, whether it be for a full game, a few seconds, or highlights on repeat. The NFL Lockout gave me a scare for awhile there, but I’m so glad football is back.

Most Sundays I decide to enjoy my football by watching with my friends and getting food. Typically this means going to Chipotle upon waking up for a hearty Sunday afternoon meal. We pick up our burritos and chips and then head home to watch football while we eat.

Another social component to the whole “watching football” is with fantasy football, as everything going on in the games gains added importance as we all hope that our fantasy teams succeed on the day. Everyone constantly checks the score of their matchup on their computer and phones throughout the day.

As much as I love college football (and obviously am an avid USC fan), pro football is lightyears better. The athletes are all top notch, the passing is pure precision, and mistakes are much more rare. Many would argue college is better due to the inconsistencies between each team (allowing for upsets), but I find bad football to be… well, bad football. I do not like to watch sloppy play; I like to see teams execute to perfection.

After watching the day games, we typically prepare for Sunday night football with a light-hearted game of Madden in the interim. It’s a great way to get active with football after being lazy and just watching it all day.

After Madden comes Sunday Night Football, always a fun time to hang out with the roommates and regroup before another week. It’s nice to relax all Sunday and cap it off in a event where you can see everyone you live with and see what they have been up to.

Sadly, after the end of Sunday Night Football, comes reality and, eventually, studying. Homework and other duties call as the beginning of a new week dawns. All in all though, Football Sundays are always some of the best days.

On a side note, Happy Halloween and safe Trick-or-Treating to all tonight!